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Jeany James - Watch Your Lady (Bam Bam)
Jeany James returns with the irresistible new single, Watch Your Lady (Bam Bam). The song kicks off with a viral male vocal intro reminiscent of Gusto’s Disco Revenge or Bruno Mars’ chart-topper Uptown Funk

Jeany's alluring voice takes center stage in the chorus, set against a stripped-down yet energetic backdrop that transitions into a pulsating club-ready beat. Her relatable verses and pre-choruses showcase a blend of retro and contemporary influences, drawing inspiration from Madonna's '90s golden era.

The result is a captivating anthem suitable for both radio airwaves and peak-time club vibes. This LGBTQAI+ friendly song taps into the universal desire for a break from the ordinary, encapsulating the joy of rediscovery. With its chic beat, spacious synths, and seductive allure, 

Watch Your Lady (Bam Bam) is poised to become a dance floor favorite. Jeany James elevates the track with a highly infectious and viral energy.


In life, there are choices we make and those that are imposed on us. Jeany James, although born in Paris where she lives again today, is the perfect example.
As a child, she followed her parents. First in Switzerland, where she spent her first years. Then to the United States, her adopted country, where she speaks the language perfectly. She changes homes "almost every year", gaining in the process the strength of adaptation and open-mindedness which has forged her character today.
At only 3 years old, her father, a great amateur sportsman, put a tennis racket in her hands. Jeany stuck with it for 13 years, determined, stubborn, hard-working and competitive at heart. She joined the Chris Evert Academy and became one of the great hopes of junior women's tennis.
The last of a blended family of 7 children, Jeany was lulled from an early age by the music that her family listened to. Her mother brought in her suitcases the records of Patrick Bruel, Jean-Jacques Goldman and Céline Dion. Her father, a fan of Caribbean music, use to drop her off at school every morning putting on Zouk music. As for her older brother, she use to sit on his laps looking at him play and sing along at the piano, introducing her to the melodies of Elton John, Queen, Maroon 5 and Michael Jackson.
The first breakthrough came at the age of 14. Jeany had just learned that a new baby had arrived in her sister's family. She sat down at the piano and, by ear, composed her first song. Encouraged by her family, she never stopped.
Two years later, while she plays 6 hours a day on the tennis court, she spends all her free time listening to Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or Alicia Keys, Jeany decides to learn more about the "music business" and goes to spend a few hours at the South Beach Studio, a recording studio in Miami, where she lived then. Luckily, she meets Timbaland in front of whom she’d perform an Acapella song. Conquered, he puts at her disposal a team of 5 people for... a year and a half. At their side, she learns to work on sounds, texts, melodies : By then, no aspect of musical production had any secret for her anymore.
Of course, in order to learn the arcane of this new profession, she had to make a sacrifice : "Mom, Dad, I don’t want to run after a tennis ball my whole life, I want to make music now".
The rest is impressive in its maturity: Jeany decides that she is not yet ready for this profession, and despite several proposals, does not immediately launch into the adventure. "I needed to find myself. To do this, she returned to France, a country she knew so little about. She continued her studies online - she graduated in Business Management & Digital Marketing -, which allowed her to continue music in parallel.

She multiplies meetings, continues to write and sing anywhere she possibly can until this special day of 2019, where she crosses the path of Gregory Barata (Mega Prod). A mutual bound and trust gets established between the producer and the young singer-songwriter, who’s able to sing in 3 languages (English, French and Spanish) and accompany herself at the Guitar and Piano. Confident now, she feels ready to attack her future.
Ladies and gents, please welcome Jeany James!


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