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Jeany James - Watch Your Lady (Bam Bam)
Jeany James returns with the irresistible new single, Watch Your Lady (Bam Bam). The song kicks off with a viral male vocal intro reminiscent of Gusto’s Disco Revenge or Bruno Mars’ chart-topper Uptown Funk

Jeany's alluring voice takes center stage in the chorus, set against a stripped-down yet energetic backdrop that transitions into a pulsating club-ready beat. Her relatable verses and pre-choruses showcase a blend of retro and contemporary influences, drawing inspiration from Madonna's '90s golden era.

The result is a captivating anthem suitable for both radio airwaves and peak-time club vibes. This LGBTQAI+ friendly song taps into the universal desire for a break from the ordinary, encapsulating the joy of rediscovery. With its chic beat, spacious synths, and seductive allure, 

Watch Your Lady (Bam Bam) is poised to become a dance floor favorite. Jeany James elevates the track with a highly infectious and viral energy.


Jeany was raised to be a tennis champion. At only 3 years old, her father, a confirmed sportsman, put a tennis racket in her hands. For 13 years, Jeany embraced the sport with unwavering dedication, her heart fueled by hard work and a natural competitive spirit. Her talents led her to the prestigious Chris Evert Academy, where she emerged as one of the great hopes of junior women's tennis in the United States.

Yet, amidst the cheers of the tennis court, Jeany found solace in the eclectic melodies that filled her blended family home. The diverse music, a gift from her extended family of 7, became a consuming passion, an alternative universe waiting to be explored.

At the age of 16, a serendipitous encounter with the legendary Timbaland changed the course of Jeany's story. In front of the maestro, she performed an acapella song that left him captivated. Conquered by her talent, Timbaland generously provided her with a team of 5 experts for a transformative year and a half. Together, they delved into the nuances of sounds, texts, and melodies until no aspect of musical production held any secrets for Jeany.

However, as every great story requires a pivotal choice, Jeany faced a crossroads between her love for tennis and her newfound passion for music. Despite tempting proposals, she hesitated. "I needed to find myself," she declared.

Thus, she embarked on a journey back to France, a land she knew so little about, to rediscover her roots. Even as she continued her studies online, graduating in Business Management & Digital Marketing, music remained a steadfast companion on her parallel journey.

In 2019, the story took an unexpected turn when Jeany crossed paths with Gregory B. (Mega Prod). Greg, renowned for collaborations with music icons such as Calvin Harris, Flo Rida, and Mylène Farmer, emerged as a crucial character in her narrative. A mutual bond and trust blossomed between the seasoned producer and the multitalented singer-songwriter, proficient in three languages and skilled in playing the guitar and piano.

Their creative alliance bore fruit with hits like "Top Time" and "No Pressure" featuring Mr. Vegas. And now, as the story unfolds further, the duo presents "Watch Your Lady" – a smash song tailor-made for the summer, echoing through clubs and radios, marking the next exciting chapter in Jeany's journey.


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